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here’s an audio slideshow, from the BBC, about a 21st century photographer who recreated a 19th century camera to mark the 150th anniversary of the death of Robert Howlett, a young British photographer who was poisoned by the mercury and arsenic in the emulsions he was using. Some very beautiful architectural/industrial photography, for those of you interested in such things.



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hi all,

passing this on from Lesley Sparks:

A new partner with the World Press Photo Toronto exhibit this year was Bikes Without Borders – a Canadian organizaiton using bikes and bikes related solutions as a tool for development in marginalized communities.
This World Aids Day, December 1, BWB is asking for any unused bikes to be dropped off at Mountain Equipment Co-op on King St, Toronto. Bikes collected will be distributed to HIV/AIDS care workers in Malawi.
To see first hand the benefits a simple bike can bring to a community of people living with HIV Aids, check out the NFB doc, ‘The Bicycle’

Please take a few minutes to look at these links, and consider donating if you have an extra 2 wheeler about.  It will make a difference.
Thanks for considering.

another note: the work that Jim Goldberg (Rich and Poor, Raised by Wolves books) is involved in currently concerns human trafficking in eastern Europe


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Watching a screen

I just watched Manu’s post of Immersion (the kids playing video games) and I thought is was excellent. It reminded me of Godfrey Reggio, the Director of Koyaanisqatsi and Powaqqatsi who did a short called EVIDENCE. see here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qb2WLB6U590

If you don’t know of Reggio and are interested in experimental documentary form (or if you simply like Philip Glass) you should check him out. The cinematographer on Reggio’s features (Ron Fricke) went on to direct Baraka which is a different concept but uses a similar style.

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Hey everyone, 

I just wanted to post a kinda fix for those of you having resolution problems when you go into fullscreen mode in Max.  In the jit.window object box, try the following:

jit.window  720 480 @interp 2  (note: I’m using a 720×480 resolution because I’ve got NTSC video…yours may be a different resolution..in fact, you don’t even need to put the resolution in).

Also, make sure to put your movie resolution in your jit.qt.movie object box…

jit.qt.movie 720 480 @loop 2

Hope this helps!


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A Glasgow-based artist, David Shrigley works in various media.  A friend posted this link in her status (oh facebook!  You spread information so wonderfully.) : Notice, by David Shrigley

I found the photo to be very interested…albeit a tad freaky as well.  How glad am I that I haven’t run into a notice like that before in Toronto, or anywhere for that matter!  I found for me it removed the invisible barrier between art and its viewer and turned the viewer into a part of the work, reacting to what they have read.  I wonder what kinds of different reactions it garnered, if David had left it up for awhile–did a lot of people nervously look around?  How many shrugged and walked away?  What would my response be?  Even in viewing this photograph online I began scanning the windows to see if I could see a figure, or a noticebly forced gap between blinds.

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Okay, so I was perusing the internet and had to post this link to the new Terminator movie trailer.  Technically it’s a flash animation, I believe, but it’s touted as a trailer for the film, at least online.   For some reason I was really impressed.  lol  I guess I forgot that it was a flash animation and imagined it solely as a trailer.

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Just some link

Just wanted so share this link, that shows how I feel 90% of the time when I go to the movies.

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just found this site on-line

it doesn’t get much traffic, but they have their heart in the right place

“OneWorldTV is a unique public platform for filmmakers, video journalists, NGOs and just about anyone with an interest in video and a concern for a better world”


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Speaking of ethics…


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How was the movie?

how was the documentary last night?

and what did you think of mr. king?



rick m

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