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Alan Berliner is a documentary filmmaker from New York City. I did my presentation on his film “The Sweetest Sound” in class a few weeks ago because I like that film — I like a lot of things about  it.

I like that it is an essay film. Berliner decided on a topic (Names) and guides us through the film as personal journey toward understanding if and how our names affect the people we become.

I also like the audio-visual treatment of the film. Berliner is a compulsive collector of images, his editing technique blends archival film with new film and video footage and textual elements. There is also much attention paid to sound. This is something I think is very important – The sound is arresting.

I suppose the third thing I like about “The Sweetest Sound” is the sensibility of the director. It’s funny and engaging, kind of wacky. Berliner embraces his own weird feelings and ideas and tries to identify them in others.

My presentation on “The Sweetest Sound” was alright, I think. People liked the part of the film I showed (I could tell because they laughed) and afterward we talked about why I like the film and how weird it is that you can find everyone who has the same name as you on Facebook. It wasn’t too awkward and people were kind and participated in the discussion.

If anyone is interested in more Alan Berliner, “The Sweetest Sound” is available at the library. I am also a huge fan of his film “Nobody’s Business” — you can check out clips on his website. Click the picture.

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