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So something I noticed on thestar.com (The Toronto Star newspaper website) not too long ago was that they enabled the ability for anyone who peruses the articles online to register and add comments, even being able to “agree” and “disagree” with comments, or find a comment “offensive”.  A lot of websites offer this option to comment after any blog, article, etc.. of course, but I didn’t realize how much it changed my view of newspapers, or at least their articles, online.

I find my experience when reading articles at thestar.com so different than before, and much of the time I look forward to reading the responses that accompany each article.  And whatmore, some columnists even have their own blog, hosted by thestar.com, like Antonia Zerbisias’s “Broadsides”.  Again, users are able to comment with Antonia even responding to some comments herself.

It has definitely changed my some aspects of my experience reading articles, and it’s very interesting to see what others think about what is being presented.  I find it better than the “letters” area of a newspaper.  Although comments are still moderated (thestar.com has certain terms and conditions for postings), they generally all get published instead of only 1 or 2 per article, and some great points are presented and interesting discussions are generated.

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Christopher David Ryan is a Brooklyn based graphic artist and designer.

He updates a blog with new images almost daily “for the sole purpose of compiling and viewing the many different sides of [his] work all together in one place.”

The above image is from a clever little series he did called ‘Commands’.

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