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farm family

This is the second of three microdocs revolving around my family farm.  I’ve entitled this microdoc as “farm family” as it focuses more on the family aspect of the farm, but through a single family party back in June 2008.
It was a fun experience filming my family.  They’re all very, very used to home videos, filming with family camcorders, but as soon as I introduced the HVX 200 into the mix, things were different.  Whether it was the camera size/model itself, or the known intent of my filming (to capture footage to possibly be used for a doc), the relationship with the camera changed and the HXV became more a stranger than a family friend.

The only person who really didn’t seem to let the camera affect them was my Grandpa.  Periodically he would ask me certain things about what I was filming, but generally his attention was elsewhere.  Perhaps this says a lot about the differences between his generation and mine, and being more aware of the camera’s gaze.

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