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Hello world!

This website an example of the impulse and desire to document the rapidly changing urban environment and the expression of artists who inhabit this environment. http://www.otherthings.com/grafarc/

This website is an example of a interactive and ongoing new media, web based documentary. The concept has been reused and mimicked on the world wide web. After all, it is a really cool concept. Sites like this one, function to record graffiti paintings and locations – a critical issue for graffiti artists and one on which graffiti artists differ. Please consider, before reading further:  Graffiti art is fundamentally temporary…. eventually the wall gets painted, the weather wears down the brick, or a work of art travels the country on a freight train…

 A vast majority of graffiti artists do photograph and collect images of their own work. There are also proflic artists who rarely document their own work. Some people dedicate years to documenting graffiti while never even touching a marker or spraypaint can and doing graffiti. No matter how you look at, documentation is a critical issue in graffiti art. Graffiti art, I need to qualify, that is not on canvas or inside an institution. 


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