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…a marketing campaign from Dentyne gum.

Make Face Time…[Canadian site…less judgmental I find]
Make Face Time…[US site…prepare to smoosh smilies…but do it in 3mins]

How many of us DON’T have a Facebook account?  I know I do.  With the click of the button I can make new friends, keep in touch with old ones, join groups with similar interests to my own, create events or be invited to events, share stuff I find online, write notes….and so forth.  Which is why I found Dentyne’s new ad campaign reeeeallly interesting.
Their ads feature modern online/virtual lingo, like “Friend Request Accepted”, but they juxtapose the text with some kind of depiction of physical, social interaction, like two friends hugging.  The campaign is called “Make Face Time”, and the message couldn’t be clearer.  As well, these ads attempt to do what good ads do—identify with the target market.
Both websites feature an interactive world where people could: submit entries about who they’d like to make face time with, view/download the ad’s posters, visit the Smiley Chamber of Doom, etc…  Visitors can view some of the entries, view posters. I find the campaign’s website slogan kind of nauseating though: “The first website devoted to helping people make face time”.  Right, like Dentyne really cares.
The ads/websites make a relevant social criticism and observation….but then I remember that Dentyne is just a GUM brand, owned by the Cadbury Corp., and feel a bit perturbed by the campaign’s veiled judgment.  Or maybe that just me feeling guilty about not making enough “face” time for my friends’ physical selves.

Pics of the posters → [click here]
Pic of a poster and more info → [click here]
(you can also view tv/print ads and download the print ads as wallpaper at the US site for “Make Face Time”)
The Internet– being dependent on the internet/youtube from mememolly

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