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My partner gave me an article to read a few weeks back about the 500 Aboriginal missing women and children across Canada.

HERSTORY: If you don’t know, I was the Director of a high risk daycare for two years, then later promoted to Director of the only Aboriginal women shelter in Toronto.  I worked in this agency for seven long years as a senior manager, and eventually I burnt out.  I was becoming De-sensitized and putting myself at risk.  I started chasing away loitering men (some pimps) from the front steps, so that the women could feel safe… this is only one example of my frustration–waiting for the cops took too damn long.

Even though, I left the field of social work, I miss the women I worked with and for.  Front-line work is extremely challenging and goes unnoticed at times. The stories that were shared are still with me and they will never leave me. Women living in shelters are strong, they are fighters and they are still ALIVE!

Anyways, after reading the article, I thought I should do something… I played around with the images in my micro-doc, I was worried at first that the images were somewhat distorted but then I realized that society’s views on these issues are distorted, so I left them.

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