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Wil’s thoughts on his Triage post triggered my memory about something I heard about last fall.  I wasn’t living in Toronto at the time so I’m not sure how big of a controversy this really was, but War Child Canada, an NGO, put up posters for a kids summer camp called Camp Okutta that listed grenade throwing, AK-47s and minefields as attractions. 

 Apparently people got really upset.  Here’s a CBC article: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/toronto/story/2007/08/22/camp-okutta.html

Anyways, if you went to the website given on the posters, you would find an interactive map of the camp. 


If you click on the cabin, minefield, dining hall, etc. you are presented with text, photos, or video footage related to the real lives of child soldiers.  For example, “Camp leaders are permitted to enter the chilren’s cabins and sexually abuse them.”  Only when you click on the sign labeled “Where is Camp Okutta?” are you directed to the organization’s website giving an explanation that the camp is fictional, but camps like it exist all over the world.  And the premise is, “We would never stand for it here.  Why are we letting it happen there?”

This was the first time I’d ever heard of an NGO doing something so controversial as an awareness initiative.  I found it fascinating.  Apparently signs were put up in Vancouver and Ottawa as well but I was in NY at the time.  Did any of you hear about it?

Any thoughts?

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