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Jeremy Bailey is a local artist who deals in video, computers, and performance art. His website is located here.

In a number of his performance pieces a new computer program is presented, often as an innovative new mode of artistic expression. His VideoPaint series (v. 1.0, 2.0, 3.0) are instructional videos that demonstrate the “total symbiotic art system, or T-SAS” he has created, a program that is trained to follow your movements and paint on screen. The seriousness of the artist’s presentation is contrasted with the pixelated silliness of the VideoPaint program, a juiced-up version of Microsoft Paint.

What I read into Bailey’s work is a general mocking of electronic-utopianism, the idea that there is a tool or software out there that is going to allow us to fully express our inner selves, or our interpretations of events. There are uncomfortable moments in VideoPaint 2.0 as he begins to show his attempts to “deal with the software in a more important political way,” by performance-painting over a projection of Nick Berg’s beheading by terrorists. The explanatory voiceover goes silent so as to not “interrupt his death” but by this point the image is almost completely abstracted, the sound muffled by electronic noise. Bailey presents tongue-in-cheek critiques of the technology and the attempts of artists to use it. There seems to be an inherent questioning of art, particularly new media art, and its ability to represent the world and human emotion.

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