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“Days  with My Father”

            …an online journal by Philip Toledano.

 The link above leads to a website representing the journal of Philip Toledano, housing a series of photographs.  Some of the photographs are accompanied by text.  The journal is “an ongoing record of (his) father, and of (their) relationship”.  I found the journal to be very honest and moving, filled with beautiful photographs.  I actually found it by accident when looking at someone’s wall on Facebook.com this summer (haha).

It is a very personal record although not entirely private, which is what I think of when seeing the word “journal”.  Viewers are even permitted to leave a comment on the last page of the series.  With the introduction of the Internet, journals or diaries seemed to have leapt from private to public very quickly.  Not that it’s a negative thing.  I do feel more inclined to share thoughts through an online journal (or blog) than share something I’ve written down in a physical journal.  However, I am more aware of a possible audience and keep that in mind when writing.  Like this blog entry for example.

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