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A Glasgow-based artist, David Shrigley works in various media.  A friend posted this link in her status (oh facebook!  You spread information so wonderfully.) : Notice, by David Shrigley

I found the photo to be very interested…albeit a tad freaky as well.  How glad am I that I haven’t run into a notice like that before in Toronto, or anywhere for that matter!  I found for me it removed the invisible barrier between art and its viewer and turned the viewer into a part of the work, reacting to what they have read.  I wonder what kinds of different reactions it garnered, if David had left it up for awhile–did a lot of people nervously look around?  How many shrugged and walked away?  What would my response be?  Even in viewing this photograph online I began scanning the windows to see if I could see a figure, or a noticebly forced gap between blinds.

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CNN.com is running this story about photographer Peter Feldstein, who photographed 670 people in Oxford, Iowa in 1984, and then revisited them 20 years later, this time recording their stories in an attempt to give the “backbone of America a voice” .  I can’t get onto the site because it seems the bandwidth has been exceeded, but I’m curious to see what it looks like…

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Just wanted to share… please feel free to comment.

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