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Here’s a link to a website that I feel somewhat relates to Tara’s presentation today – specifically text being used in the place of a photograph (for various reasons) and the idea of certain things being “unphotographable”.

From the author:

Why do you do this?
I’m a photographer. But I’m not the kind of photographer who prefers looking at life through a lens. If we take photographs to remember, what do we do when we’re
not taking photographs?

When did you start this?
In October 2004, I travelled to Ethiopia for a two-week trip. I’d been advised against bringing my camera, but as an amateur street photographer, leaving it behind didn’t seem like an option. In predominantly Muslim communities (such as Harar, Ethiopia) photography is shunned, particularly photographing women. Consequently, at many times during my trip, there was so much to see, and no way to capture it, except through words. Hence this site – a place for all the moments I was unable to photograph.

Link: Unphotographable

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