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I suppose I should post my reflection on my “What’s a Doc” presentation, featuring the 2006 film The Bridge.
I thought the presentation went pretty well, as much as I had hoped.  I now wish I had shown more from the film’s actual website to show the different people who had posted on the message board, with comments that vary in praise or criticism for the film.  I appreciated this assignment in the sense that I was able to take any documentary film and try to think of it in a new “new media” way.  I’m learning how important the role of interactivity can play in a piece, and can make it more effective–so taking The Bridge and expanding on ways that it could reach and engage a broader audience was fun.
The Bridge is a film that really affects people in different ways, and I think I should have prepared myself more for the ethical discussion is ultimately ended up generated, and perhaps I could have thought of a new media twist that would further run with the discussions that surround the film as well, more so than the content.
All in all I thought the presentation went well and am glad it generated some interesting discussion!


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